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Theses and dissertations from 2010-2012
曹流:《契丹與五代十國政治關係諸問題》,北京大學博士論文,2010年。 Continue reading


A Bibliography of Five Dynasties Studies in Western Languages (五代研究外文文獻目錄)

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Prepared by Hongjie Wang, last update 4/15/2011

凡例 Compiler’s Notes 

1)      All entries are listed according to publication date under each category

2)      The studies on the Five Dynasties in a specific field are put under relevant sub-categories in Part II, “Studies on the Five Dynasties”; yet considering the scarcity of scholarship in Western languages on the Ten Kingdoms, all works in different fields on each of the Ten Kingdoms are listed under the category for the regime, under which no sub-categories are created.

3)      Some works may be repeated in different sections if they fit different categories.

4)      This list may be cited and reproduced for non-profit educational purposes only, provided credits are acknowledged.

5)      For general comments and suggestions, or if you have new titles to be added, contact Hongjie Wang at Continue reading

Online research tools 網絡研究工具

Chicago Manual Style 芝加哥論文格式簡編

Reign titles in Chinese history 中國歷代年號 Continue reading